I feel really lucky to be part of an active bunch of developers in Goa who are passionate about their work and community building. Thanks to NBT I became part of the WordPress Goa community, as they initiated the first WordPress Goa meetup and have been promoting it by providing the space for meetups.

This meetup was sponsored by the kind folks at Diet Code and I must say they have some fine appreciation for awesome beer 😉

We started out the meetup with introductions and then went ahead with a quick recap of what happened at WordCamp Mumbai, finally finishing off with steps forward for building our community. When I intended to write this blog post I wanted to thank all the members who attended this specific meetup specially @prtksxna to initiate a fresh perspective of getting everyone to contribute to open source projects and the WordPress Goa website. At the end of the meetup we all decided to start a Github Organisation to start working on a theme for the WordPress Goa website using all the collaboration and CI toys available 🙂  We also chose to use Gitter for the team chat and updates and Github to track all the issues with Travis CI goodness for any commits. So if anyone reading this post wants to contribute please feel free to raise an issue or commit some code on the xacuti repo 🙂

Our community shows close to 300 members and we wanted to make attendance at the meetups more meaningful for all the members. We also wanted everyone to feel a sense of pride in contributing to any activity they feel that will make their local community a better place using free and open source software.  Please leave a comment if you have any more ideas.

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