Hi, I’m Abhishek and I am an Open Source Software consultant.

In my career of over 14 years, I have worked with some awesome teams to build awesome products with the following tools :

OS & Cloud :
linux on AWS and Digital Ocean

Javascript :
Nodejs with ES6, transpiled by BabelJS. React, VueJS, Angular, Phonegap / Cordova and good old jQuery 🙂

Laravel, Codeigniter (legacy code migration) , Drupal 8 and WordPress

Stylus, SASS, Compass, LESS

Python :
Scripting for all OS level tasks

Databases :
MySQL, Maria DB, MongoDB, CouchDB & PouchDB, PostgreSQL, redis, memcached

Servers :
apache, nginx, sphinx search engine and any various other network services

Additional Skills :
C, C++, Java, Akamai CDN implementation, Linux Administration, Facebook Graph API, Youtube data API and RESTful web services.

My work experience also covers various modifications to WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Moodle and PyroCMS.