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Online Marketing Analytics

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Online Marketing Analytics can really change the way a business attracts and retains customers. Once your site is setup with the right tools to capture and nurture leads you can target specific content to users who land on your site from different touchpoints.

Let’s say you are doing a Facebook campaign on promoting a sale on your site. You could announce the sale with a bang !! or you could be subtle and announce it with some style to attract your existing customers first and then target new customers to show exclusivity.

Get in touch with me and I can help you analyse where your current marketing efforts are and where you can take them with some basic changes in tracking the right indicators for success.

Some of the tools I can help you with are :

  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • Mail Chimp Marketing Automation
  • Drip Email Campaigns
  • Transactional Email – Postmark, Mandrill, Mailgun etc
  • SharpSpring personalisation